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All Renegade Classic Motorcycle Riding Gear

We aim for footwear designed to take the scrapes, scuffs and heat that comes with motorcycle riding territory.

Don’t be fooled by boots that look tough and then fail in a pinch. Go for the real deal at Renegade Classics.

About Renegade Classics Phoenix

Top Quality Boots Are A Must For Every Rider

If your leather jacket weren’t your top riding buddy, that honor would go to your riding boots. Motorcycle boots are a must for protecting your feet and legs from scrapes, scuff and burns – no matter how many dudes you see trying to ride around in flip-flops (for real!). Boots are one of the most important pieces of gear every rider needs, in AZ we have gravel and slippery roads .. grip is HUGE.

Don't Like Boots? Try Our Riding Shoes

If boots truly aren’t your thing, you still don’t have to resort to flip-flops. We carry a selection of riding shoes designed to provide more protection than you average pair of sneakers.

We're always happy to hear from you! Give us a call or stop by the store for more information on our Riding Boots and Shoes. Contact Us Here.


Motorcycle Riding Boots / Shoes:

Just because motorcycle boots are designed for protection doesn’t mean they can’t make a statement, meshing with your riding style and overall vibe. Classic biker boots. Mid-calf and ankle boots. Boots that slip on or zip on, buckle or lace up. Plain boots or studded, steel-toe and embellished.

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