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All Renegade Classic Motorcycle Riding Gear

You want eyewear that not only protects your vision from the harmful UV rays and glare but also protects your actual eyes.

Features to look for include shatter-resistant lenses, padding around the inner frames, and a durable frame material with high-end construction that has no chance of coming loose.

About Renegade Classics Phoenix

Protect Your Eyes With The Best

A good fit is another must, and a safety strap is never a bad idea. Renegade Classic carries an ample supply of both sunglasses and goggles, letting you pick the protection that best suits your style and needs. Sunglasses are typically more convenient, lighter and comfortable than goggles. It’s also generally easier to get prescription lenses with a pair of sunglasses.

A Must For Riders

Goggles typically offer more protection, leaving no place for dust or debris to sneak behind the frame into your eyes. Their safety strap gives them an extra-secure fit, ideal for longer, tougher and faster rides. Whatever style you choose, you’ll find a range of options at Renegade Classics, where we stock the protective eyewear you need to ride.

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Motorcycle Glasses and Goggles:

Some of our sunglasses come with advanced features, such as tinted lenses you can switch out for day or nighttime riding.

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